Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guitar and other random madness

So the other day when my middle son had guitar lesson, another teacher was telling about the new guitar he picked up after a gig the night before. This friend that owns a shop out of town is getting ready to go to a show, so he wanted to clear out some floor space in his store. He was offering Bobby and Bobby's students a great deal on G & L guitars. By the time this conversation took place, 5 of the six were spoken for-- Bobby taking one himself. I asked if Eric's students could get in on the deal. To keep this brief-- yeah, right like Dayna can do that LOL- talked to hubs and for the $299 we thought it was a good purchase. Son would have to chip in $100 himself. Today the dealer called and set up the purchase and Bobby was going to bring it back with him after his next gig there-- in a week or two. Moments ago the dealer called to say that one of the other "Bobby buyers" was picking up his guitar and he was willing to bring it back with him and leave it at the shop where lessons are. On top of that, it was cheaper than expected- $238 plus tax. My son's original guitar was bottom of the line-- I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it if he wasn't going to stick to it. Well, two years later he's still into guitar and pretty good. Last week while visiting my mom, his guitar was acting up- ended up being worked on while he had lessons- so it just seems kind of fated that this opportunity came up.
Sunday hubby changed oil in company car. It had about 55k miles on it. Last night he had to change it again! The original employee that had lease seems to have never changed the oil! Hubby had to add oil just to get anything to come out! Ran out of clean oil so he put in some of my used oil- figured that was better than nothing since my car sees little action. Because of the oil issue, he has figured out that the tires probably have never been rotated either-- thus a possible culprit for why the ride is so horrible. What are people thinking? I know it's not one's personal property but does that mean that neglect is allowable? Just because it's on the company bill, one shouldn't take care of it? Disgusting!! It's things like this that make me question whether or not we should let Darwinian order take over. Person walking out into traffic while texting (or into a manhole like that idiot girl in NY) should have to pay the price-- if a car hits him/her--- it's just natural selection.... don't punish the car driver. The mom of the NY girl who fell into manhole while texting plans to sue--- doesn't have grounds yet but mom feels a lawsuit is appropriate. AARGHHH!!! Thankfully nothing happened to hubby while driving this company car.

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