Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cropped for Jen and ramblings

Jen/Fur/owner of Gigi found my title page photo of eyes not interesting enough and wanted a closer crop... so of course I did as she suggested. How'd I do Jen?

It's Sunday afternoon and I am waiting for the clouds to clear. Then get a little sunshine. Doing laundry. Nothing exciting. Got my orders from the hubby to get a surveyor out to our property. Last week the new neighbors put up a swing set-- hired someone to put it up- and I had to explain to the guy that he was building it on our property. Today after hubs went for a neighborhood run, he checked out the sprinkler heads that the previous owners had put in... looks like they are on our property!! So he wants a boundary survey done-- might as well do it before getting sprinklers installed. It seems like the previous owners did everything they could to "claim" some of our property. Gardens they had put in were RIGHT on the LINE- pin behind it- now the mulch is washing into our yard. Looks like they put sprinkler system in our yard too. Not going to stand for that!!

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  1. Hi Dayna! Imagine see you around these parts :-) Haha-- reading about your real estate issues while doing last-minute review for the bar on property law. Adverse possession, baby! Err... I can't wait for this part of my life to be over.