Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can't think of a title-- but anyway

Ok, I am really bad at this blogspot thing-- I still give the most attention to my Hoozey vox blog- which today I just posted a video about foundation matching-- especially when you have different color on face vs. neck/body. I hate how I sound in videos. LOL. I'm not a pro and it's just me-- so if I sound stupid and act stupid- that's me. LOL
In about an hour I have to take my youngest to bass lessons. He is starting with a new teacher/new store because his previous teacher moved to Nashville to follow his musical career dreams. Since going he's only been back once to give an hour long lesson and Ed just needs more. I called another instructor but he was more "keeping the beat" whereas Ed wants funky, slap bass, a little Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of stuff. I've heard this guy is good so we'll see.
Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids. Yeah, criminal that they go back Aug. 4. I spent the day really scrubbing my kitchen. I polished all the cabinets and scrubbed the floor. Paige has been doing the dishes as her summer chore- so she doesn't clean the kitchen like I do.
Last night the boys were bickering because of a messenger bag. I'd picked up another one before school and Ben picked it. Well now he's decided that it's too small and he wants his old one back, which Ed took. They must have complained at each other for 10 minutes. So after finishing it for them-- instructed them that their bickering wasn't constructive, whereas telling me that the one bag is too small so I could purchase a new one would be a pretty positive solution. So today I went looking for a messenger bag-- Walmart didn't have any, Target had one in a boys' option and it seemed on the small side. Eventually I ended up at T J Maxx and found a laptop one (Swiss Army) that was larger. Ben can keep it for college since it has a padded laptop case too- so it was worth the $29 tag I guess.
I recently purchased the Enormous Lash from Beauty Society (Face Fab) and have been using it religiously 2 times a day. I only received it Saturday but I swear I can already see a difference. My lashes seem darker at the very least. As with Face Fab, and shoot--- name escapes me at the moment--- I will be posting before/after results on my Hoozey vox. I don't have much trouble with Vox- and don't know if I'd ever figure out everything at Blogspot--- so I may be the last dinosaur over there routinely posting.
I have several things I have on my list---
First was the foundation one since I've been fooling around with different foundations this summer. That's posted.
I still have to do LT's blogger award... it should be quick but just haven't gotten to it yet.
I also want to update Dayna's Minerals blog--- I want to put together some of my favorite eye colors in collections--- like my neutral eye look that I've been sporting a lot this summer. Apricot Dreamzzz and Cocoa Nut with some liner.
I have a running list of things people want-- like H wants a green version of glow to cut down on redness in the face... as you can tell, I get some of my best ideas from my customers.
Just all kinds of things running around in my head... maybe now that I'm back on a school schedule I'll be able to make sense of them. I kind of need the structure of the school year. Right now, Wed. night is bass lessons, Thurs. night is guitar lessons (Ben) one day a week Paige needs to get to cross country practice-- which is going on in the evenings right now while it is so hot. Then she'll have meets on Saturdays that she has to go to. I think I was less busy when they were little-- now that they have their own lives, I am running around a lot more.
Paige is having a birthday party on Saturday. She is planning on making homemade pizzas and her own cake. Sometimes that one makes me feel like a bad mom because she can do it all herself. She did like the gifts I picked out for her. I got her this Philosophy Amazing Grace kit from QVC- body wash, lotion and body spray, and various jewelry. So far she's worn the new jewelry to school so I did great-- since she makes stuff herself.
Last Friday night we went downtown to "Concerts In The Park." At first Paul wasn't keen on going-- tired from work week, but after a quick lifting session-- bench I think and a shower he was on board. I've been a little crazed feeling lately-- his job keeps him so busy that we couldn't take our usual week at the beach this year. So other than a few brief trips to visit family- it's been homebodies. I've tried really hard to keep weekends open because I do realize how much his travel schedule wears him out but after over a year of this, I need to do something fun. Sorry but I don't consider the bowling alley my definition of fun. Once down there it was actually quite enjoyable. This Friday is the last for the summer so I am hoping we may get down there again.
Well, I better get my butt ready to take Ed to lessons. He's playing right now--- that's another thing I need to do-- post on Facebook with their playing some more. They are getting pretty good.

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