Monday, August 24, 2009

Driving Test for Parents

Today I let Paige drive me around our neighborhood with her new learners permit. It is truly a test for both new driver and parent. Yes, I often hit my imaginary brake to no avail and had to hold myself back from grabbing the wheel at times. There was even a point where I considered telling her to put it in park and I'd drive home. LOL We both made it through- I only had her driving for about 15 minutes because I just want to ease her into it. She's told me that she's pretty stressed- has been dreading driving since about age 14- so I didn't want to make it torturous.
She did say that she noticed she has improved a bit from her first driving on Saturday. (Hubby took her out.) Even he said he was rather stressed out= it's not easy having your 16 year old kid at the wheel of a car-- it turns from this thing that gets you to and from places to a huge amount of weight/power/force under inexperienced drivers' hands. I guess I was lucky that I was driving trucks with wagons in fields and tractors down the street years before I was old enough to get my learners permit-- so I had a certain amount of "feel" for driving by then. Poor Paige hasn't even been driving the lawn mower-- I told hubby maybe we should allow her to do that as part of her training.
Off to cross country practice-- talking this out helped relieved some of the nerves I had from our little excursion.

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  1. Whoa, driving already?! I remember the first time I had to get behind a wheel with my dad. I was so nervous. He only trained me for one day and asked a family friend to help me later on. LOL

    Before you know it she'll be going off to college!