Friday, August 14, 2009


It's been a good week. I am going to take the pooches for a long walk... Sully is getting really chunky and exercise is about the only way to control this since there has to be food enough for Jack (Mr. Skinny.)
Last night Ben had his guitar lesson- I am still amazed at how good he has gotten. Hubby also was home for the night- he'd been in Chicago since Sunday evening. It was so nice to eat homemade spaghetti, drink a nice chianti and watch Steeler pre-season game with him at my side. If he hadn't been home-- I wouldn't have remembered the game and certainly wouldn't be drinking wine. BTW, he wondered if I was going to do more peppers-- I think he wants to be able to take a couple up to his dad when we visit- instead of always mooching his dad's hard work. So I may be doing MORE soon. Maybe half as many as this week would suffice?
Wed. night Ed had his bass lesson. This one went better than the first but I am still glad that I found him a different bass teacher. I think Aaron will soon run out of material to teach Ed. Also this shop is really strict about time limit- Aaron ran over a little and said to Ed that he gets in trouble for that. Where Ben takes his lessons, each teacher gets paid directly by the students- so they can do whatever they want. Aaron did comment on how Ed practiced EVERYTHING he was supposed to and that was "unheard of." I told Aaron that Ed practices on his own-- he wants this, it's his thing, so that's probably why he isn't like most kids. A guy about my age waiting to take his guitar lesson said "Your son amazes me on the bass." Apparently he's been listening while waiting the last 2 weeks. LOL I feel a little guilty that I will be discontinuing lessons with Aaron because he seems to be enjoying Ed but I am not going to pay some guy to just jam with Ed week after week. At Ben's lesson, I found out that the new teacher was asking Derek (who plays in Dave's one band) about Ed- whether Ed was worth it. Derek assured Dave that Ed was good and that Dave would probably enjoy teaching Ed. That makes me happy- what I've found with many teachers is that they truly enjoy sharing the love of music with students that really want it.
Hopefully Paul will be home from work at a decent hour. We are going to watch Dave play tonight so Ed can see him in action and meet him. I am rather digging the local music scene- I wouldn't have known about it if my boys weren't taking guitar lessons.
Paige said she'll be ready to take learners permit test next week- so soon I'll be having to let her drive me around. EEK!! First Paul will be handling that.

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