Monday, August 17, 2009


I took the pooches for said walk on Friday. I felt quite energized after the walk while Jack laid in his kiddy pool for quite a while trying to cool off (I will take a photo sometime-- it's cute) and Sully drank tons of water. Both were rather worn out the rest of the day. I did get a blister on my left foot from my Fit Flop strap- I did walk over 3 miles in them and rather quickly too. I don't notice the "fit" part of them when I do daily activities but notice that I get a weird soreness right on the side of my hips where my legs tie in after something like a 3 mile walk- so maybe there is something to them giving you a workout? Mostly I just love how comfy they are, besides I get blisters in my running shoes sometimes too, so it's not that big of a deal.
I mowed the lawn so that Paul's weekend would be freed up. I bought plugs and wires for my car a few weeks ago but he hasn't installed them- so my thought was if the lawn was done he may be more inclined to get that done for me. I can do a lot of things but I don't work on the vehicles.
Friday night we had dinner and then headed downtown to see The Tyrone Dunn Experiment play outside of one of the bars. We went to meet Ed's upcoming bass teacher-- once his month is up with the current teacher- Dave is going to give Ed a try. Dave hasn't given lessons in 5 or more years, so it's rather exciting to have a kid talented enough to warrant someone like Dave coming out of "retirement." Unfortunately the gig didn't start until 9 pm but since Paul got home late and worked out, we were still 15 minutes late. We saw Ben's guitar instructor there, along with co-owner of shop (who's in the band.) During the first break, Ed met Dave who apologized for not playing so great (according to his Facebook- I guess he had a few too many drinks before the gig LOL) but we were all quite impressed. He then gave Ed his first "lesson" telling him who was the bass player (Larry Graham) on that last song "Thank for letting me be myself" by Sly and Family Stone and how Larry was the guy that invented "slap" bass that Ed wants/loves to do. We stayed for part of the second set because Ed looked pretty whipped... a week of getting up early for school wears him out and Paige seemed tired too. Ben was the only one still bright eyed and bushy tailed. He said watching a good band revs him up.
Tyrone Dunn Experiment is really quite good- the lead singer can do justice to songs like "What's going on?" by Marvin Gaye. Dave is quite a talented bass player- no matter that he had imbibed too much. I think he can teach Ed a lot. It was really quite enjoyable and I am going to keep my eye out for when they play again. I am so happy we found out about these local gigs- although next time I'll probably leave the kids at home and enjoy the night with Paul if it's one of these later shows.
Saturday I took the dogs for another walk but had to turn around early- they were already too pooped. Jack was trying to get in the shade and make his belly touch as much of the ground as possible to cool off. Sully would just stand panting and panting. It got to the point that I would have been dragging them home if I hadn't turned around. Paul installed new spark plugs and wires in my car and then everyone except Paige went bowling. The local bowling alley is having customer appreciation month so it's only $1 a game. At first I wasn't going to bowl but then Ben's arm/finger was hurting so I took his place. Even after I quit, Paul and Ed bowled another game.
Sunday, Paige, Paul and I went to the high school track to workout. I wanted to get an early start seeing that the temp was going up a degree every 10 minutes. Usually I run ten 100m while walking the curves but I actually did a couple 200m--- it's crazy how much harder they are. Paul did seven 400m and then some shorter sprints too. The temp. was 75 when we left and 84 when we got back so I am glad we didn't wait any longer. The rest of the day was just relaxing around the house. Paul had to be in Chicago by 11 am for meetings and the best flight was only going to save him an hour from driving- so he planned to get up very early and drive. At 3 am I am awakened by a beeping. Usually I sleep through most noises- and it turned out it was the stopwatch Paul uses at the track. He'd brought it inside with him yesterday and left it in our bathroom. Apparently the alarm is set for 3 am. He found the culprit and said he'd put it back in the company vehicle and then started getting ready to leave. A few minutes later I hear the beeping again- only this time it's on his dresser. I take the stopwatch to him and he "shuts it off" for me. A few minutes later- beep, beep, cursing LOL. At least it happened on a morning he had to get up early anyway and it awakened me enough that I was able to kiss him goodbye. I then couldn't get back to sleep so read some until I tired again. I was still up at the usual time-- before Ed leaves for school. Paige and Ben are pretty quiet in the mornings and are on the bus by like 6:20 am, so I usually don't awaken to see them off, but Ed clomps around- going up and down stairs to bedroom and basement frequently, so I always end up getting up before he's on the bus.
I did a post on week 2 of enormous lash results and my favorite eye shadow brushes at my hoozey vox blog Now I think I'll take Jack and Sully for a walk. Another busy week ahead-- tonight I'll probably take Paige to cross country practice. Ed has bass lesson Wed. night and Ben has guitar lesson Thurs. night. Paige wants to take learners permit test this week- probably tomorrow. I need to start on SIL window treatments- at least figuring out amount of fabric and such. Paul also suggested my canning more hot peppers so he can take some up to his dad... he feels bad for mooching them all these years. So I may be doing more of that.
I guess that's about all that is going on.

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